Personal Branding 

Starter Kit

What you get

Canva templates

Brand board templates to help you bring your look to life.

Each template includes:


Brand style template page


Social media graphics template page


Logo & icons template page


Website & feed template page

Branding tutorials

Bit-sized video trainings to guide you through the personal branding process.


Pick fonts, colours & graphics that capture your unique style


Logo design 101


Create stand-out graphics for social that fit your brand


Design websites that convert at first glance


Water Brand Social & Brand Guidelines Templates


– 104 Post Templates for Canva
– 100 Story Templates for Canva
– 64 Brand Guideline Page Templates for Canva

Ready for a consistent look you love?



What program do I need to use the templates?

You will need a Canva account. (FREE) These templates works for both free and pro Canva accounts


Can I tweak the designs to my own style?

Yes! The designs are meant to be a starting place for you to design your brand. Follow the branding tutorials to learn how to create a look that feels like you.


How do I download the templates?

1. Make sure you already have a Canva account. 

2. You will be sent a password protect page with links to all the templates.

3. Click the template you would like to use and click ‘ use this template’ (A copy of the template will be automated added to your account)

4. Edit template as needed


Can I use this for my own design clients?

Yes, you can use the template for your business but you cannot resale, sublicense or include this as a free template.


Anything else I should know?

I suggest you use the canva desktop browser rather than canva mobile app to avoid any errors.

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