Ideal Customer Avatar infographic

Hey lady,

I’m writing you after my first week of Marie Forleo’s Bschool and I gotta say it was ah-freaking-mazing!
The assignments were tough but oh! soo worth it and it got me super excited + clear on parts of my business that I never thought about before.

Also the online community is phenomenal. I’ll admit it I was really sceptical before I signed up – I thought being part of a 10,000 + fb group would be absolutely exhausting trying to keep up with everything going on! But I couldn’t be more wrong… It’s totally fun and an absolutely amazing resource – I think worth 2000 alone!!

This week in Bschool I dove deep into my ideal customer avatar and created this infographic of Grace (a peek above) – my absolute true love of clients! Annnnd I made a editable version for you too! (download below)


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